Once you drive your new Mazda around Newburgh, IN for a while, you'll need to maintain the proper service for it to run well for years to come. Our Mazda service department offers services like oil changes, alignments, tire rotations, and more to you, so you can keep it humming along the roads of Evansville, IN and everywhere else the road leads. You're welcome to call our service team and ask about the regular maintenance that your Mazda needs. We're always here to help your Mazda run at its best.

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Each vehicle should follow a maintenance schedule that matches the needs of that engine and other parts. It's essential to follow your Mazda car or SUV's recommended service schedule. Even if you think that the maintenance is above and beyond what you need to do, it can keep your vehicle running well for the long haul. The maintenance schedule addresses specific things that happen to your vehicle. You avoid costly repairs later. Let us help you at our dealership near Jasper, IN.

Your car has a service manual that tells you what to do at specific times. The schedule runs according to mileage. When you reach a certain mileage, you'll need to do a certain task or inspection. If you don't have the manual or are unsure when to have your Mazda serviced, give us a call at our service department. We know exactly when to have things done to keep it running well for your traveling needs. Check-ups ensure that you don't end up stranded near Henderson, KY when the parts fail.


We do Mazda service and repairs near Evansville better than your local generic shop. Our technicians know exactly what your Mazda needs to keep it running. We realize that all brands and models require unique maintenance at different times. You also deserve a professional that has the Mazda parts and training to maintain, fix, and service your vehicle. Those small details can make your car last years longer. It also helps your vehicle run efficiently. You'll save money on fuel use as you travel around Owensboro, KY. A car that remains well-serviced also runs better.

We provide the highest level of care for your Mazda service in Evansville. You don't want someone that doesn't know the specific needs of your Mazda working on your scheduled service and repairs. When someone charges less to get you in the door, there's usually a reason for that discount. You get service that could cause damage in those situations. Instead, come to a professional that knows exactly what your Mazda needs and when. Let us check your Mazda to ensure that it's running safely and efficiently.


  • Brakes
  • Batteries
  • Oil changes
  • Alignments
  • Tire rotation
  • Repairs
  • Wipers


Brakes are a core part of your Mazda's function. When your brakes require new pads or rotors, you run the risk of safety concerns. All it takes is one quick stop, and the brakes could lock or fail altogether. You need to know if they require repairs now to prevent disasters later. Most service schedule appointments in Evansville include brake maintenance and other things on a mileage and use schedule.

Batteries aren't as dangerous as the brakes, but they are no less important. You can have them checked to avoid getting stranded in Evansville at a bad time. Sometimes, batteries seem just fine but have a weak charge. Other times, your battery could drain out of nowhere because of things like extreme temperatures and alternators that have failed.

Get regular oil changes for your Mazda in Evansville to avoid engine seizing. It's an all-too-common issue that service departments see. If you fail to change your oil and check your fluids, you could end up losing an engine. Follow the regularly scheduled appointments for your Mazda's maintenance. New vehicles sometimes come with alerts to let you know when to have them checked and changed.

Alignments are essential for the life of your tires. They must wear properly to last and be safe. Some features of your Mazda require a good alignment for the vehicle to work right. Have your alignment checked anytime you have new tires put on near Evansville and at the regularly scheduled times.

Tire rotations are an important part of your maintenance as well. You'll enjoy excellent gas savings when your car is running on the tires exactly as it should. Please don't ignore the way tires can make gas efficiency bad. Have your tires rotated on a regular basis to keep tires worn evenly and in good shape.

When things do happen, count on us to handle your repairs as well. As a dealership, our service department knows exactly what your vehicle needs to keep it running well near the Evansville area. We use the right parts and know how to do the repairs to maintain reliability.

Don't forget your wipers. You'll need to have your wipers replaced before they fail. You need them changed regularly to avoid issues when it rains in Evansville. Even if they look fine, have them checked to make certain that they are keeping your line of vision safe. Lou Fusz Mazda Evansville has the exact wipers that your Mazda needs.

Keep up with those regularly scheduled maintenance appointments. We handle many of these concerns on a schedule that perfectly aligns with your Mazda's needs. That way, you'll have a vehicle that lasts, is reliable, and can even save you money with fuel efficiency.

There are so many service schedules out there in Evansville. You require a company like Lou Fusz Mazda Evansville to show you what you need to have done. Sign up for alerts and get those things done that maintain your vehicle before they become larger problems. Don't forget the high level of service, either. We go above and beyond. You can schedule service at Lou Fusz Mazda Evansville today to keep your vehicle running well and prevent larger issues.

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